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Featured Artists

A variety of art types will be present at the San Marino Art Fair. These include, but are not limited to, clothing, ceramics, fine arts, glassware, jewelry, metal work, pottery, wood and photography. Some featured artwork of artists who will be present at the show are displayed below.


Charles Sherman Art


My sculptures include slab construction ceramic Möbius forms, welded stainless steel Tetrahedron forms; some have applied mosaic of glass, agates, crystals and ammonite fossils; some forms cast in bronze, stainless steel.



I work with ceramics, mainly raku fired and some porcelain high fire work. I both throw and slab build pieces. I visualize nature and my environment in a generally abstract vision and symbolization.


Marie Lavallee Fine Art

Fine Arts

My favorite subject is wildlife. I paint in acrylic, incorporating metal leafing, coins, push pins, guitar picks, clay, keys on panel. My process is to build metallic armors to protect my subjects.

Esther Barr Metalworks

Metal Work

I use copper sheets embossed by pulling linocuts and other textural elements through an etching press and hand-tooling of metal. It is then finished with patinas or mixed media and fabricated over panels and frames.


Pelham's Paperie

Hand-sewn Frabic

I have a line of Handsewn Fabric Stationery that I make 100% myself at my home in Hollywood, California. I sew fabric to paper to create a very unique writing experience.

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