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Food Truck Dishes


Food will be available for purchase from numerous vendors at the 2023 Inaugural San Marino Art Fair with the goal of complementing your experience. Feel free to read more about them below.

Paradise Food Truck Picture.jpg

Paradise Cookies & Ice Cream

The Paradise Truck serves gourmet cookies and ice cream that are made from scratch on site. They are both high-quality yet affordable and are made using the finest natural ingredients.

The Tropic Truck

The Tropic Truck serves delicious dishes influenced by Caribbean culture.  Specializing in sandwiches, burritos, tacos, and more, the Tropic Truck has a dish for anyone.

tropic truck lobster special wide.PNG

Austyn's Burger

Austyn's is a food truck on the move, bringing you burgers you're sure to love! These burgers are made with natural, grass-fed beef for the best flavor and quality possible. You'll never be disappointed when you grab some grub from Austyn's!

Austyn's Burger.webp
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