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​Applications can be submitted at

1. Artists will need to submit 5 pictures. These include 3 pictures of recent works, 1 picture of what your display booth looks like, and 1 picture of your workstation/workshop.

2. Artists will need to pay for a booth. There are 3 different sizes of booths found below. No booth space assignment will be guaranteed at the time of application.

3. Applications will be approved on the basis of the photos. Once approved, artists will be notified. Note that applications are due on November 2nd, 2023.

4. Finally, booth set up will happen on Friday 9/3 2 - 6 PM or on Saturday 9/4 7 - 9:30 AM. Parking permits will be distributed and will allow artists to park in residential locations once booth setup is finished.

Booth Sizes

3' by 5'

A 3’ by 5’ space (Marked on site map as 3x6 to provide vendor access) costs $100.

10' X 10'

A 10' by 10' space costs $200.

Premium 10' X 10'

A 10’ X 10’ premium space includes access from two sides. It costs $250.

Event Site Gallery

san marino high school outside 1
san marino high school aerial photo
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